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DIGITAL COMPARATORSINGLE BIT MAGNITUDE COMPARATOR2-BIT COMPARATOR4-BIT COMPARATOR8-BIT COMPARATORAPPLICATIONS OF COMPARATORSA magnitude digital comparator is a combinational circuit that compares two digital or binary numbers (consider A and B) and determines their relative magnitudes in order to find out whether one number is equal, less than or greater than the other digital numbere binary variables are used to indicate the outcome of the comparison as A>B, A<B, or A=B. The below figure shows the block diagram of a n-bit comparator which compares the two numbers of n-bit length and generates their relation..See more on electronicshub
Comparator – Designing 1-bit, 2-bit and 4-bit comparators
HOW TO DESIGN A SIMPLE 1-BIT COMPARATOR?HOW TO DESIGN A 2-BIT COMPARATOR?HOW TO DESIGN A 4–BIT COMPARATOR?HOW DO I REMEMBER THIS?A 1-bit comparator compares two single bits’s apply a shortcut to find the equations for each of the cases. Normally, we can use a K-map. But this shortcut is efficient and handy when you understand it A>B, there is only one case when the output is high when A=1 and B=0. Let’s call this X. We can write the equation as followsX(which stands for A>B) = AB’Similarly, denote A<B with Y and A=B with Ze Y is high when A=0 and B=1, we get the following equationY = A’BSince Z is high in..See more on technobyteAuthor: Wwwbook/Umairhussaini
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Read Or Download 4 Bit Comparator Logic Diagram For FREE Logic Diagram at MAJORREPORTRReviews: 20
logic+diagram+for+4+bit+magnitude+comparator datasheet
logic+diagram+for+4+bit+magnitude+comparator datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.
CD4585B 4-Bit Magnitude Comparators | TI
CD4585B is a 4-bit magnitude comparator designed for use in computer and logic applications that require the comparison of two 4-bit words.
PDF fileThe SN74LS85 is a 4-Bit Magnitude Camparator which Inputs of the next most significant comparator, LOGIC DIAGRAM OA>B OA<B OA=B (5) (6) (7) A3 B3 A2 B2 A<B A
PDF fileHCF4063B 3/9 LOGIC DIAGRAM ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may occur.
Digital Comparator and Magnitude Comparator TutorialBasic
The Digital Comparator is another very useful combinational logic circuit used to compare the value A very good example of this is the 4-bit Magnitude Comparator.
2-Bit Magnitude Comparator Design Using Different Logic Styles
PDF file2-Bit Magnitude Comparator Design Using Different Logic Logic Diagram of 2-Bit Magnitude Comparator 2-Bit Magnitude Comparator Design Using Different Logic
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